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10 Most Important Qualities Of Successful Customer Service Agents

A recent article from Helprace discusses the topic of hiring the best people to be your company’s customer service agents. Hiring the right person to fill an agent role is very challenging because the goal is to have a person that not only fits the company culture and can handle the brand voice, but they also need to have the right personality traits to offer the high level of experience you want to provide your customers. On top of all that, customer service can be an extremely challenging job to do right, and not everyone is able to handle it. The article provides the following ten most important customer service skills to look for when hiring new customer service agents.

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How To Deliver Customer Service That's Fast And High Quality

Companies want their customer satisfaction scores high because of high quality customer service and speed of response. It can be a challenge to have both high quality customer service calls and speed at the same time, so sometimes companies decided to put emphasis on one over the other. Often, the emphasis is put on speed and answering as many calls as possible while service quality is pushed to the side. In his recent article, Jeremy Watkin discusses this dilemma and points out that when a company first starts out, their number one priority is to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. However, when that company starts kicking into a higher gear and getting more business, the focus often ends up shifting from taking time to find the best solutions to customer inquiries to doing whatever it takes to play catch up and meet goals as fast as possible and answer as many customer calls in as short amount of time as possible. Once a company hits a certain level of success and have more customers to serve, the point of emphasis becomes helping as many as possible as opposed to spending a lot of time focusing on a few at a time.

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3 Key Questions to Guarantee Successful Strategic Customer Conversations

A recent article by Jim Berardone discusses the significance of having strategic conversations with customers and clients. It’s crucial to make an emotional connection with a customer, but it’s just as important to make sure your conversations are strategic to move the account forward. Berardone offers a technique to make Customer Success Managers think strategically about accounts to get the most from their conversations with customers and clients. The technique is to ask them the following three key questions to guarantee successful strategic customer conversations.

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The Human Edge Over Automation In Customer Service

There’s been somewhat of a rise in concern over whether or not automation technology will completely replace human workers in customer service. In a recent article, Paul Whitelam reminds us that this concern is nothing new and people have been worried about computers replacing humans since the 1950s. While there will be certain positions will be filled with automation, Whitelam argues that technological innovation typically doesn’t lead to large unemployment trend and, if anything, it often creates new jobs. Much of the time, automation is integrated with human agents in an effort to assist them and increase productivity by taking care of menial tasks so the human agent can focus on the most important aspect of their job; providing a high-quality customer experience. Technology is constantly getting better, but the one thing it still lacks is the ability to think in the same way as the human mind. Because of this, humans will remain necessary in the customer experience.

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A Pragmatic Look At Quality Assurance Monitoring

In a recent article, Jeremy Watkin tackles the topic of quality assurance. Depending on the amount of call center agents and the size of the quality assurance team, monitoring 100% of calls can be time consuming to the point where it might seem impossible. While it takes more time, resources, and money to monitor 100% of customer calls, Watkin points out the following valid reasons why companies still want the call monitoring data at 100%: 

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4 Requirements To Make A Customer-Experience Focused Company Environment

A recent article by Lynn Hunsaker discusses the significance in understanding and respecting your customer experience ecosystem. Basically, a customer experience ecosystem would include customers, employees, vendors, departments like marketing and communications, and basically everything that contributes to how a business functions. Hunsaker says that many of the major mishandled situations companies make are a result of not properly respecting the customer experience ecosystem, which should be incorporated when developing a customer experience strategy. If you don’t fully have a firm understanding of your company’s culture, voice, customers, and employees, the chances of disrespecting the ecosystem will rise and could lead to a loss in customer loyalty. So, what can companies do to give their customer experience ecosystem its proper respect?

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How Listening Can Improve Employee Satisfaction And The Customer Journey

A recent article by Shelley Forrester discusses the significance of asking questions and demonstrating proper listening. Basically, the more questions you ask at the right time, the more you’ll learn and grow as a person and the stronger your relationships will become as long as you're listening with your full attention. Forrester elaborates on this concept by pointing out a few key observations.

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6 Ways Customer Experience Professionals Can Show Business Results

An article by Sampson Lee discusses the topic of customer experience professionals being cut from their companies. According to the article, a very high percentage of customer experience positions are terminated from companies where high investment was allotted to the project and when their expected focus is to show proof of ROI. Common reasons for why companies fire their customer experience specialists include the company losing patience and companies needing to cut costs. Sampson believes that part of the issue is that customer experience consultancies overcomplicate the process of creating a customer journey map and they lost track of the original purpose of customer experience programs. Sampson says that the main goal of creating customer journey maps and customer experience programs is to learn how customers feel when interacting with your company and use that information to make their journey better to deliver ROI to the company. Based on Sampson's article, here are six ways customer experience professionals can show business results and demonstrate their value.

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3 Ways Marketers Can Add Value To Customer Communication And Engagement

A recent article by Ernan Roman discusses that customers want more than communication and engagement from companies; they want personalization. Specifically, Roman points out that customers want to be engaged at seven specific points in the customer journey including the point of purchase, onboarding, cross selling, and more. But in order to successfully deliver relevant and valuable engagement to customers as opposed to the more traditional communications approaches. Roman’s article offers the following three ways marketers can add value to customer communication and engagement.

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4 Requirements To Earn Brand Loyalty From Generation Z

Your company has probably worked to make sure your customer experience can delight the Millennial generation, but have you considered Generation Z? The people in Generation Z were born between 1995 and 2010 and have never known a world without the internet. A recent article by Ly Pham discusses the differences between Millennials and Generation Z. The biggest differences in Pham’s article include:

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