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Benefits of Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

Perry Price, President of Revation Systems, recently wrote an article about a hot trend that’s been occurring in the call center industry and pretty much every other customer-centric industry; cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). Companies are utilizing SaaS technology in an effort to integrate communication while improving their existing capabilities. Cloud software is flexible to be customized to every company’s need and are easy to use and integrate because they’re located entirely on the internet.

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4 Ways Call Centers Help Healthcare Providers Deliver Superior Care

Customer experience is valuable in most, if not all, industries. Often, the quality of customer experience in the call center is critical in fostering customer loyalty and maintaining a steady revenue. However, there is one industry where the call center experience is more important than customer loyalty and revenue; the healthcare industry. Customer experience in the healthcare industry is about ensuring accurate and sensitive information is given to patients in an empathetic and caring way while maintaining high standards and compliance. In his recent article, Fred Chua gives four ways call center services can help healthcare providers deliver superior care to patients.

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7 Steps To Successfully Own The Customer Experience

Many companies know the value of customer experience and the positive impact it can have on business. Executives agree that a positive customer experience is important, but they don’t all agree on who should own the customer experience. Some think customer experienced should be owned by one department in the company, which can make the experience siloed; and others think that the entire organization should own the customer experience, which can be a problem if there is no definition for a the customer experience and no specific leadership or focus. In her recent article, Sue Duris reminds us that have poor or no customer experience will ultimately cause customers to ditch companies for others while organizations will suffer from low morale and lack of growth. In order to be a successful company, there must be high-quality customer experience. In order to have a high-quality customer experience, Duris argues that companies need to be more than customer-centric; they need to be customer-obsessed. Duris gives the following seven steps companies can take to successfully own the customer experience.

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A Quick Look At Omni-Channel Contact Center Strategy

Customer experience shouldn’t limited to emails and phone calls; it should be spread across every imaginable channel including social media, live chat, knowledge bases, texting, and more! In her recent article, Verena Wissel discusses the evolving world of omni-channel contact centers. She points out that consistency of service is crucial to customer experience success and in order for companies to effectively implement an omni-channel approach, it must be done while keeping in mind the necessity of quality monitoring processes, re-organization, and the expectation of technical adjustments.

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How Emerging Technologies Can Solve Problems While Saving Money

Companies spend a lot of money on customer service and support and executives are always on the lookout for new technology to improve the experience of their customers and employees. The technological buzz in recent years has been around artificial intelligence and automation in the contact center and in customer experience. In his recent article, Jeremy Watkin urges companies not to use technology simply to automate all of their customer service areas, because this could take the human element from the process and ultimately ruin the customer experience. Instead, Watkin discusses how emerging technologies can solve problems while saving money.

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5 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Benefits Companies

It’s no secret that call center outsourcing can help companies reduce costs and increase profits. There are thousands of call centers in domestic, nearshore and offshore locations being utilized by companies to help expand operations while reducing call center costs by up to 70% based on the area. But there are more benefits to call center outsourcing than strictly saving on cost. In his recent article, Curt Barry offers the following five ways call center outsourcing benefits companies.

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Cloud Software Solution Trends In The Contact Center Industry

The use of cloud software is rising in every industry and the contact center industry is no different, even if traditional contact centers are far from extinct. In her recent article, Donna Fluss discusses the rapid growth of cloud-based contact center software, which saw a growth of over 20 percent last year. Companies of all sizes are using cloud software strategically to their advantage because the software allows for fluid routing across multiple locations in different countries and regions.

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4 Metrics To Help Your Brand’s Social Media Customer Experience

Most executives are aware by now that having a solid social media presence can be advantageous for their companies. Customers want engagement from the brands they support and expect a fluid and consistent customer experience. In other words, if you expect a customer to be loyal to your company, you need to respect the relationship and offer open and quick communication. In his recent article, Mohammad Farooq offers the following four social media metrics that help your brand’s social media customer experience.

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Mindfulness Techniques Can Help Your Contact Center Agents

Anybody who has worked in a contact center knows it can be emotionally draining work. Contact centers can benefit greatly when their agents are being led to handle the stress in the right ways. In her recent article, Debi Mongan points out that having leaders who encourage mindfulness can be just as helpful to contact center agents as providing them with the right technological tools. Mongan discusses the positive benefits from leaders practicing mindfulness, including:

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4 Key CRM Focus Areas To Deliver Fast, Personalized Customer Experiences

Customers in this era desire fast, sometimes immediate, service that is personalized to their needs and experiences. In addition, they want to be able to reach your company through multiple channels including text, live chat, email, phone, social media, and more. Though automation has helped serve the growing needs of customers, the reality is that sometimes it can be a challenge for sales and customer service representatives to maintain this personalized level of service with their limited time and resources. In her recent article, Kate Kirby says that having success is about prioritizing the right aspects of the customer experience. Kirby offers the following four key areas to focus on in your CRM to deliver a fast and personalized customer experience.

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