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3 Recommendations To Help Support Emerging Customer Service Channels

In his recent article, Jeremy Watkin discusses the rapid evolution of technology in customer experience. Companies are trying to capitalize on emerging channels like social media, texting and messenger platforms in addition to traditional channels like phone and email. These emerging channels have led to a variety of vendors trying to make a name for themselves as the best company to handle them. One example Watkin uses of a vendor service that handles emerging technology is taking text messages from customers and presenting them to to contact center agents in a similar format as live chat. The issue that can come from this is lag time or long pauses between messages that ends the conversation doe to a time out. This obviously can cause issues with the customer experience and lead to frustration and unnecessary follow-up communication. How are companies supposed to handle emerging customer service channels?

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5 Obstacles to Successful Customer Experience

Customer experience has garnered major attention in the past few years. Companies know that giving a great experience to their customers will help foster brand loyalty and lead to higher revenue. However, sometimes companies get in their own way with customer service by creating barriers. In his recent article, Jeremy Hyde provides the following five obstacles to customer experience success that companies create internally.

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Nearshore Call Center Locations: Trends and Hot Spots

The call center outsourcing industry is constantly evolving and it can be a challenge to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and the best call center outsourcing locations in the world. India was the prime outsourcing location fifteen years ago and the Philippines has evolved into the largest BPO outsourcing region in the world in the last ten years. Diversifying your outsourcing portfolio is crucial to successful outsourcing partnerships, which ultimately means that new locations will take over as outsourcing hot spots. This just begs the question: what's next? The answer, according to our experience and research, is nearshore locations. This article explains some of the current most popular nearshore locations for outsourcing and where the call center outsourcing hot spots will be in the near future.

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8 Helpful Customer Retention Strategies

Companies generally don’t thrive by only selling their products or services to new people. The best way to build a successful company is by creating a customer experience that builds customer loyalty for your brand and keeps them coming back to you. The reality is that competitors might offer similar product quality and pricing as your company, so if you offer a terrible customer experience, your customers will have no problem going to your competitors instead of you. To help you avoid losing your customers to competitors due to poor customer experiences, a recent article by Efuah Faler offers eight strategies to help your company retain customers.

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6 Steps To Boost Contact Center Agent Morale And Performance

An employee’s morale has a major impact on their overall performance and production. If a person goes into work every day with little to no enthusiasm for their job and no confidence in themselves or their company, the chances are pretty good that they won’t give the job a solid effort. Contact center agents are no different from employees at any other company in this regard. If you want your agents to perform at a high level and deliver quality customer service, it’s important that you create an environment that motivates and encourages agents. In his recent article, Andrew Neff offers six actions that have been proven to boost agent morale and agent performance.

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9 Steps To Hiring The Best Contact Center Agents

The HR department has a variety of different projects and tasks to work on throughout the course of a week. One of the key tasks in a contact center includes hiring the best agents to deliver your customer service. But with everything HR employees have on their plates, it can be extremely frustrating to go through the interview, selection, and hiring process only to find an employee who doesn’t turn out to be right for the job. In addition, sometimes there are no full-time HR staff and the task of hiring a new agent is given to a customer service manager. Whether your company has an extremely busy HR staff or the duty of finding and hiring new employees is given to a manager outside of the HR department, it is always helpful to have some guidance on finding the right hire. In his recent article, Jeremy Watkin provides nine steps to hiring the best contact center agents for your company, which he learned after years of working as a Customer Service Manager.

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6 Tips For Delivering Perfect Social Media Customer Experiences

Your company has decided to utilize social media to your advantage for customer service and engagement. This decision can ultimately help your brand by keeping a direct line of communication with your customer base. However, getting started can be a challenge, especially if you’re concerned about delivering a positive customer experience. In her recent article, Jennifer Spencer offers six tips for delivering excellent social media customer service.

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5 Steps To Developing Great Contact Center Agents

It’s no secret that contact centers want to have high customer satisfaction scores. You want to give your callers the ultimate customer experience and avoid creating unhappy repeat callers. A recent article by John Loughlin, Andrew Anderson and Amanda Bell points out that sixty percent of repeat calls are the result of bad or unclear training or processes. In order to have high-quality agents who solve customer issues on the first call, the contact center’s training program itself needs to be high quality. The article offers the following five steps to create high-quality contact center training that will build world-class contact center agents.

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3 Ways Vulnerability Can Help You Become A Respected Company Leader

Companies often feel the need to present themselves as powerful through their advertising and marketing. They want consumers to view them as on a pedestal with no weaknesses. However, a recent article by Jay Feitlinger presents the idea that companies should show vulnerability to their customers. Pretending to be perfect doesn’t make you a better leader. It’s not a weakness to be human and people will respect you more as a leader if you’re honest about your flaws as well as your positive attributes. Feitlinger’s article offers three ways vulnerability can help you become a respected leader by your clients, customers and team members.

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3 Ways To Gain Value From Your Customer Journey Map

There is no definitive right or wrong way to create a customer journey map, however, many people create the map only to see it sit as a decoration. In order to gain any return on investment from a customer journey map, it has to be implemented and constantly updated in order to have any success with improving the customer experience. In her recent article, Nancy Porte discusses how creating a visual customer journey map of necessary touchpoints is only the beginning; the real work comes after the map is complete. The article offers three ways to make your customer journey map work for your company.

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