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6 Steps To Provide Empathetic Customer Service

A recent article by Mary Shacklett discusses the concept of empathy within customer service. Basically, if a person can put themselves in the customers’ shoes and take action to relieve their pain while minimizing or eliminating the customer’s frustration, they’ll be capable of giving high quality customer experiences. This includes sympathizing with their problem, solving the issue quickly, and maintaining prompt communication if the solution will take longer to implement. But while empathy is crucial to delivering customer experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations, Shacklett raises an interesting point: Is empathy something people are just born with and can it be trained?

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6 Tips To Giving Recognition To Call Center Agents

Employee morale is extremely important, especially in a call center environment. Call center agents are under a lot of pressure from the customers and company to deliver service that’s fast and accurate. In order to avoid call center agent turnover and keep providing service that leads to high satisfaction levels, managers need to ensure their agents are as happy to be at work as possible. In his recent article, Robert C. Johnson discusses how showing call center agents praise towards call center agents when they excel at customer interactions can boost morale and provide benefits to the company and customers. Johnson’s article provides the following six tips to giving recognition to call center agents.

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3 Reasons To Integrate Traditional Customer Service And Self-Service

An article by Steve Kraus discusses how self-service and traditional service channels are essential to satisfying millennial customers. Millennial customers are tech savvy with the internet at their fingertips, and they have a reputation for wanting to use self-service. As a result of customers in the Millennial Generation and Generation Y desiring self-service, many call centers have shifted towards utilizing omni-channel approaches with emphasis on channels such as social media, live chat support, online communities, and more. However, Kraus points out that millennial customers are not in the box of wanting only self-service; they also want human interaction in the form of traditional customer service methods. The article provides three reasons to integrate self-service and traditional service to provide the ultimate customer experience. 

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How Leveraging Diverse Viewpoints And Experiences Can Benefit CX Teams

In her recent article, Krista Sheridan discusses the significance of having diverse ideas and viewpoints on a customer experience team. The idea is that the more diversity you have on your team, the more unique and innovative ideas you’ll create that will offer better solutions for your customers. Sheridan stresses the value of companies encouraging their customer experience teams to be innovative and creative so that they develop an entrepreneurial mindset when developing strategies that will benefit customers.

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5 VoC Trends That Turn Customer Feedback Into Company Action

Voice of Customer (VoC) initiatives are strongly recommended and utilized at most, if not all, companies. Companies often send out customer surveys in hopes of gaining insights form their feedback. In his recent article, Bob Thompson says that in addition to listening, companies need to take action on the things they learn. However, there are often hurdles in taking the valuable feedback given from customers and actually using it to take action that will deliver positive results. Fortunately, VoC feedback technology has come a long way in the past twenty years and there are solutions to the gap between listening to feedback and acting on it. The article gives the following five VoC trends that help to integrate sources to make better feedback views and close the loop between customer feedback and action.

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Inbound Call Centers vs Online Communities: The Benefits of Utilizing Both!

In his recent article, David Miller discusses customer communities and explores the notion that they’ll replace inbound call centers. A customer community can be a great resource in an age where many people are interested in self-service. Many customers like to do their own research and find answers to their questions about products and services before they reach out to a contact center. However, Miller argues that while an online customer community can be a valuable resource for customers, it won’t eliminate the necessity of an inbound call center.

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5 Customer Service Practices For Online And E-Commerce Companies

We’ve discussed the significance of customer experience and customer service in a broad sense many times, but we don’t always focus on customer service for specific industries. In a recent article by Larry Alton, the topic of customer service is focused specifically on online and e-commerce companies. Many customer experiences professionals know how to provide quality customer service when the customer is standing face-to-face with them, but sometimes they don’t fully know the best way to provide a quality experience to online customers. Alton’s article provides the following five customer service practices for online and e-commerce companies.

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4 Ways Companies Can Provide Effective And Efficient Customer Experiences

An article by Thomas Wieberneit discusses the topic of modern customer expectations. We live in an age of instant gratification, and many customers will give up on purchasing a product if they can’t get answers to their questions quickly. Self-service is also a big deal in modern customer experience because many customers like to research as much as possible on their own before calling a contact center. In addition, live chat support, email support, and social media are rising as preferred communication channels for many customers and they will often try contacting a company through these channels before using traditional phone options.

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Internal Communication Is Crucial To Successful Customer Experience Programs

In his recent article, Ian Golding points out that communication is crucial if companies want to maintain a customer-centric environment. If you spend time and money to create a customer experience program but you never communicate to the rest of your company what it is and how it’s significant, then it’s all a waste of time and effort. Golding says that if companies want their employees to fully buy in to the new strategy, then managers and executives need to consistently and continuously bring it up in order for it to stick. Even though people may become annoyed with persistence in mentioning customer experience programs and goals, it’s still necessary in order to help make them instilled in people’s mindsets and the company culture.

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3 Times When Training Won’t Solve Issues In Contact Centers

Agent training is one of the most important pieces of creating a successful contact center. However, a recent article by Elaine Carr raises an interesting point: sometimes more training doesn’t help solve problems. In order to understand if training is even necessary, you must first discuss and discover what the real problems are and identify if there is an immediate solution that training wouldn’t deliver. Carr states that training can help a variety of problems, but it can never help issues with employee motivation and company environment. The article gives the following three times when training won’t solve issues in contact centers.

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