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10 Services Outbound and Telemarketing Call Centers Can Provide Companies

In a recent article, Fred Chua discusses how outbound call center services, such as upselling and cross-selling, can be highly effective in generating revenue for companies. Chua goes into detail on the following cross-selling and upselling strategies that companies can use for success:

1) Show customers that you want to give them value, first and foremost.

2) Use their buyer persona profile to your advantage.

3) Make it easy and risk-free.

To read more about these strategies, click here!

10 Services Outbound and Telemarketing Call Centers Can Provide Companies

iStock_000000521615Medium.jpgChua’s article gives great examples for how companies can use upselling and cross-selling to increase revenue and provide a quality customer experience. It’s true, by outsourcing with call centers that have a strong emphasis on outbound and telemarketing services, companies can significantly extend their capabilities within their sales and marketing teams, specifically through customer acquisition and lead generation programs. Outbound call centers can also help companies connect with customers to increase sales and develop good client relationships. In addition, outbound call centers can provide services such as appointment setting, collections, database cleanup, political calling, and market research surveys.

Telemarketing services can help companies significantly increase sales and customer acquisition and provide a solid return on investment (ROI). The agents in telemarketing agencies are trained in customer service, sales, and up-selling, which can help companies cultivate excellent relationships with their clients while also increasing revenue and positively affecting their bottom line. The following are ten services telemarketing agencies can help companies with:

  1. Telesales – business-to business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C)
  2. Appointment setting
  3. Collections
  4. Customer retention
  5. Database cleanup
  6. Lead generation
  7. Lead qualification with transfer of warm leads
  8. Surveys (market research)
  9. Political calling
  10. Tele-fundraising

It’s important to note that outbound and telemarketing call centers do not strictly provide sales and lead generation; they can also provide high quality customer experiences. Outbound and telemarketing agents can handle customer complaints and feedback and resolve any issues that may arise while providing your customers with information on all of your latest product or service offerings.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Cross-Selling And Upselling Strategies In Outbound Call Centers That Can Deliver Impressive Results To Your Business – Fred Chua


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