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3 Call Center KPIs To Help Monitor The Customer Experience

Call center agents smilingIs the customer always right? Yes, according to a recent article by Bill Price. He discusses how many company leaders believe that customers can be wrong and should metaphorically be “fired” by companies depending on the situation. Price argues that thinking the customer is wrong incorrect and the leaders in charge of some of the most successful companies in the world put their customers and employees first. For company leaders who have concerns about potential effects of negative or angry customers, Price offers the following three ways to use customer experience analytics to put negativity into perspective:

1) Data from emails, social media, and other marketing campaigns can be scored to show how effective your product and service offers are and how much return on investment you receive from them. The data can show whether customers are satisfied with your service offerings and allow you to see which segments of your customers are complaining without your company profiting. Companies can then use this information to try and convert unprofitable customers into profitable ones.

2) Use analytics such as recorded calls, social media comments and messages, or other feedback capture methods and use predictive analytics to personalize your message to your customers. Voice of the customer analytics can also be used to update the customer journey, which leads to less customer churn and more loyalty.

3) Price elaborates on a really cool feature of Big Data, which is that it can take all of the analytics from every department in your company and filter through it to provide you with significant information that would be hard to find on your own. Learn more here!

3 Call Center KPIs To Help Monitor The Customer Experience 

Using analytics to your advantage is important for keeping your customers happy. As Price’s article indicated, there’s a lot of data available for companies to manage. Because of this, companies can get lost trying to figure out the best metrics to monitor. The following are a few call center KPIs to track that can help improve the customer experience:

Chart demonstrating call center metrics1) Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Call centers can survey customers and create a rating scale to determine satisfaction levels. In order to improve this KPI, companies need to ensure their call center’s agents are being trained well and have the right resources and necessary tools to do their job at an optimal level. Another major way to improve customer satisfaction is by resolving their issues without having to send them to multiple agents and avoid keeping the customer on hold. 

2) Call Quality: Companies can prepare quality scorecards to manage call quality on all parts of every call and utilize that card to manage their quality metrics. Importance should be put on heavily weighting the component of the call that is most critical to optimizing performance and quality. On a weekly basis, companies should schedule call calibration sessions to determine if the goals for call quality are in line with the execution and performance of the call center provider.

3) AHT (Average Handling Time): It’s always good to be friendly and inviting to customers who call into your call center and show them empathy, but their main objective is to be helped. In order to bring the customer their optimal level of happiness, the calls need to be concise. It might not be possible to have every agent trained to the same level, but call centers can utilize robust CRM systems with routing software integrations to make sure they have the best agents possible working on the biggest customer issues. While friendliness and a casual tone go a long way with customer service, call center managers also need to coach their agents to avoid prolonged conversations about more trivial topics while on their calls. It's important to remember why the customer called in the first place, and that’s to have an issue resolved. The quicker agents can help customers, the happier they’ll be. 

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Is the Customer Always Right? Should You Fire Some of Your Customers? 3 Ways CX Analytics Can Help – Bill Price


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