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3 Key Questions to Guarantee Successful Strategic Customer Conversations

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A recent article by Jim Berardone discusses the significance of having strategic conversations with customers and clients. It’s crucial to make an emotional connection with a customer, but it’s just as important to make sure your conversations are strategic to move the account forward. Berardone offers a technique to make Customer Success Managers think strategically about accounts to get the most from their conversations with customers and clients. The technique is to ask them the following three key questions to guarantee successful strategic customer conversations.

1) Where is your customer going? It all begins with an understanding your customer’s/client’s goals. If a Customer Success Manager knows fully the objectives of their client/customer, they can better plan their conversations to meet and surpass their goals and offer valuable guidance every time.

2) How will your customer get there? Customer Success Managers should be able to road map the steps required from both the customer and the manager to meet the customer’s objectives and goals. This road mapping should include planning for future needs, recommending products/services specific to their objectives, and utilizing past experiences with similar companies when building the strategy.

3) Where is your customer today? Planning for future success in goals is important, but it’s also important that Customer Success Managers always monitor where their client is in the present. Berardone recommends that Customer Success Managers always consider what their client is successful at currently and why, where they could still improve and why, what have you done to help them progress in their journey, and even look at areas where you might be holding them back. Understanding these pieces of information will ultimately help you and your customer better understand the value you’re bringing them as well as determining the weaknesses to work on strengthening them.

How Can This Apply To Call Center Agents?

There are some contact centers who have consistency in the customers who call them, but for the most part, call center agents handle calls from different customers every day. It may not be easy for call center agents to reach the level of knowledge of specific customers and their goals as discussed in Berardone’s article, but what they can do is use these strategic questions in a more broad sense. For example, every customer who calls a company is in need of something or wants to gain some information, so the agent needs to approach each call by establishing where the customer is currently (mood, specific inquiry) and what steps they need to take in order to get them the information they need through empathetic and strategic listening/conversation. To assist with the road mapping aspect of strategic conversation, call centers often utilize scripts for specific complaints or issues that may arise based on past customer calls. However, it’s important to allow call center agents a certain level of freedom within the company parameters to make an empathetic and conversational connection with customers so they can better assess their needs and the right option for their specific moment in the customer journey.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Not Having Strategic Conversations with Customers? Here’s How to Fix That – Jim Berardone


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