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3 Keys To Getting The Most From Your Customer Experience Data

Big Data

Analytics, metrics, data, whatever you want to call them, they’re all the rage in every industry these days. But it’s not about the numbers themselves, it’s about how you translate them and utilize them to your company’s advantage. In his recent article, Bill Price discusses how Big Data can help companies via data scientists who handle the overwhelming about of data in every industry and relate it clearly to companies. The customer service industry is particularly fond of trying to better the customer experience with the help of analytics, but this can prove challenging for many. Price has provided the following three tips for using customer experience analytics based on help from data scientists and Big Data in general.

1) Start with the right business questions, the ones stalling your top line growth or forcing down sustained profits, and/or frustrating your clients and customers.

Base these questions on information you’ve gathered from outlets such as customer surveys, contact center recordings, and social media. Share the questions with your customer service teams including contact center agents. Important customer experience questions should not be addressed only by managers and other higher-ups; they should be shared with the people who actually interact with customers on a day-to-day basis because they’re often the only point-of-contact they have with your company.

2) Collect, mash up, analyze, and report data shedding light on these questions using the powerful insights of Big Data, and data scientists.

In addition to taking data from customer surveys, contact center recordings, social media, and other outlets, you also need to take data from other places such as customer purchase rates after they contacted technical support. Price says that the reason for this is to take as much information or data that you can gather and give it to Big Data in order to mash them together in an effort to discover possible solutions. 

3) Stress test the results in (near) real time to ensure that they still work.

Like the old phrase goes, “Here today, gone tomorrow.” Everything from customer expectations to technology to products is always evolving. Price says that just as these variables change, so too must your solutions. The key is to always run tests and see any variations and changes so that you’re constantly prepared to handle shifts in your customer experience. 

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

3 Tips for Customer Experience Analytics – Bill Price



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