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4 Reasons To Transition Your Contact Center To The Cloud

Cloud call center software

A recent article by Neha Mirchandani discusses cloud-based contact center solutions and how they can improve a company’s customer experience. Many companies are now shifting to using cloud contact center solutions and one of the driving factors for this migration is to accommodate the growing need for multichannel customer experiences. Everything from traditional phone service, to email and chat services, to social media service needs to be fully integrated and offering consistent information to customers. Cloud solutions can assist with the evolution to multichannel service at a cheaper price and with more flexibility than traditional contact center systems. Mirchandani provides the following four reasons to transition your contact center to the cloud.

1) Improving The Customer Experience: Analytics tools have gotten better at helping companies improve the customer experience, but cloud technology can offer additional assistance by integrating with the analytics to help train contact center agents in key areas where they need improvement. In addition, cloud contact center software enables companies to utilize more remove agents and a wider variety of performance tracking capabilities.

2) Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: While traditional call center systems can easily have outages that cause issues for the entire call center during disasters, cloud software has multiple connection points and can utilize call routing to provide backup when certain areas go down.

3) Ability To Scale Up And Down: Barriers within traditional call center systems don’t hold Cloud systems back. They can expand to accommodate new agents, phone lines/computers, and more easily and quickly. Scaling up or down can happen in weeks with a cloud contact center as opposed to the months the same amount of scaling would take in a traditional contact center. 

4) Lower Cost Of Ownership: IT, software, and on-premises systems all contribute to a very expensive operating cost for traditional contact center. Cloud software solutions can help aid this burden by greatly decreasing, or even eliminating, these operating costs. 

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Four Reasons Why You Should Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud – Neha Mirchandani



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