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4 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction Among Contact Center Agents


In many cases, contact centers put an emphasis on productivity and efficiency, and often at the expense of agent satisfaction. The result is low employee engagement, leading to poor performance and high turnover rates.

As managers, you should do whatever you can to increase job satisfaction among your agents and lower employee churn, not only to improve customer service but to cut down overhead costs and increase profits as well.

According to Dale Carnegie Training, $11 billion is lost yearly due to employee turnover, while companies with engaged employees can outperform their competitors by as much as 202 percent.

Clearly, agent satisfaction must be top of mind for inbound call center managers. Here are a few tips you can implement today to increase job satisfaction among your agents.

1. Encourage Work-Life Balance

Majority of agents spend most of their time at work with their colleagues more than they do with their families. While this is often unavoidable, managers can do what they can to promote a more balanced lifestyle among their agents.

Quality time with loved ones can rejuvenate a tired worker and keep agents in a better mindset to tackle another week talking to clients.

2. Provide Continuous Training and Knowledge Support

Training shouldn't begin and end with the agent's on-boarding period. Contact agents must receive adequate coaching on a regular basis to ensure that their skill sets are updated.

Considering that no agent is perfect, there will always be room for improvement. So, it's important to make sure that such matters are discussed and properly addressed. They must be given all the information they need to answer customer queries promptly—and with conviction.

This will boost their confidence with the customers they interact with, which in turn will also increase your agent's confidence in their ability to do their job and deliver the kind of excellent customer service that you expect from them.

3. Give Access to the Best Tools and Technology

Knowledge support includes providing your agents access to the latest technological innovations available whenever possible. Regardless of their technical know-how, the platform you use should be simple and easy enough to navigate so that they can do their jobs efficiently and in the best way possible.

With mobile devices on the rise and remote workers becoming the new normal, your contact center should be reasonably updated to enable those working outside of the workplace to do their jobs properly.

4. Empower Agents to Handle Certain Customer Situations

Provide adequate decision-making tools to agents who can reasonably handle specific customer situations. Otherwise known as "empowerment techniques", this will enable agents to take care of certain client cases without having to resort to time-consuming hand-overs or escalations.

Aside from increasing your agent's confidence in handling difficult clients, it also increases customer satisfaction because less time is wasted, as resolutions are given in a timely manner.

Your contact center agents are some of your most valuable assets. As front liners, they are your customer's first point of contact, and the impression they create can make or break how current and potential clients perceive your brand.

Happy agents will most often do whatever they can to ensure that customer satisfaction is given a priority, which means that, as managers, you must in turn prioritize your agent's job satisfaction to the best of your ability.


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