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5 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Benefits Companies

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It’s no secret that call center outsourcing can help companies reduce costs and increase profits. There are thousands of call centers in domestic, nearshore and offshore locations being utilized by companies to help expand operations while reducing call center costs by up to 70% based on the area. But there are more benefits to call center outsourcing than strictly saving on cost. In his recent article, Curt Barry offers the following five ways call center outsourcing benefits companies.

1) Lower Cost-Per-Call and Order

Hourly labor rate is one part of the equation when it comes to call center costs, but another is cost per transaction or call. Barry recommends analyzing how much your company pays per call when factoring in key areas like payroll, benefits, space/utility, technology, recruiting, and more. The right outsource call center can lower your overall costs in these areas, especially during seasons that are much busier than others. 

2) Focus on Core Competencies

When an outsource call center is focusing its time on your customer service, it frees up managers to focus on important strategic planning. 

3) Support for After Hours and Overflow

Many companies can’t afford to maintain a 24/7 internal call center. However, due to differences in time zones in nearshore and offshore countries, call center outsourcing can provide your company with round-the-clock customer service. In additional, the lower costs can easily allow you to scale the number of agent seats for busier times of the year. 

4) Avoid Capital Investment

The right call center partner will have up-to-date technology for live chat, web support, KPI monitoring, and more. This allows you to save money on call center technology and utilize it in other important areas of your business. 

5) Reduce Stress, Time, Cost of Hiring and Training

Since call centers handle all of the tasks involved in hiring the right agents, you will no longer have to spend the time stressing over finding the best candidates. In addition, the call centers train new agents on general technology usage and procedures according to your company’s requirements. While companies need to work with the call centers to set up their expectations for how to best deliver their customer service and the best metrics to show overall ROI, the task of hiring the call center agents and training them can handled predominantly by the call center itself. This ultimately reduces the stress of your managers while giving them back valuable time that can be put towards significant strategic priorities.

Some companies utilize in-house call centers to deliver their customer service, but outsourcing call center services can be advantageous for many companies. Barry’s article provides insight into five call center benefits, but there can be a variety of additional benefits that companies can learn from doing proper research and partnering with the best call center based on their requirements. If you’re considering outsourcing, be sure to be very thorough in your vendor partner search and you’ll receive these benefits and more.

This blog post is based on an article from Multichannel Merchant. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

5 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Can Help Increase Profitability – Curt Barry



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