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5 Ways to Gain Leadership Support for Customer Experience Programs

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In order for your company to have a successful customer experience program, every employee at every level needs to be on board; this includes executives, management, sponsors, and every leadership position. However, customer experience might not always be on top of mind for people in leadership positions who are often extremely busy. So, how can company leaders keep customer experience at the forefront throughout even their busiest days? In her recent article, Nancy Porte provides some answers to this question. For the customer experience leader, one of the main responsibilities should be to provide customer feedback and insights to the organizational leaders. This is an important duty because management teams should know how customer loyalty and revenue are closely linked. If they understand the significance of customer loyalty, they will want to promote the customer experience program to the entire company and create a customer-centric culture.

Porte understands the reality of a customer experience leader’s role doesn’t always perfectly allow for this approach. These leaders face challenges priority and organizational changes, which can often take most of their focus and time. It can be a real challenge to work on these challenges while also giving customer experience their full support. Fortunately, Porte can provide guidance on how to gain broad company support on a new customer experience program. She offers five techniques to take into consideration when developing the broad-based support needed for customer experience programs to be successful. 

  1. Welcome and Instill New Leaders

When a new leader or manager enters the company, it’s important not to dwell on losing a supportive manager. Instead, it’s best to jump right in and educate them on the customer experience program and the progress you’ve made. Don’t complicate things with too much data, but share the crucial components such as customer feedback and satisfaction ratings. 

  1. Go Beyond Group Meetings

Group meetings are mandatory, but meeting with each team member individually can take your customer experience program to a higher level. Individual meetings, in addition to group meetings, enables you to receive deeper feedback and insight from leaders and stakeholders.

  1. Give Credit Early and Often

Always provide credit and positive feedback to the customer experience team and other departments involved in the process. This ultimately leads to a stronger customer experience team because it strengthens trust and helps build relationships between departments. 

  1. Keep an Open Mind

You can work as hard as possible on specific portions of the program, but, eventually, somebody in a leadership position is going to request a change in a piece of the puzzle. It’s important to take criticism and suggestions in stride and keep focused on the big picture, which is creating a great customer experience program for your company. 

  1. Tell a Story

customer experienceManagers and sponsors don’t always want to hear a rundown of a long list of data and dry facts. They want know the key points and how these points relate to the overall relevance of the customer experience program. A great way to do this is by making a story out of the information. Bring your program to life by telling stories of customer experience examples and how they directly affected the company in a positive way. By making the customer experience program relatable, you will find it easier to gain support from executives.

To read the original and learn about these five techniques in more detail, click the link below: 

5 Ways to Cultivate Leadership Support for Customer Experience – Nancy Porte



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