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6 Key Call Center Search Criteria to Improve Customer Loyalty

In a recent article, Eleonora Israele discusses the following three ways call centers can create a great impression of your company for your customers:

1) Nearshore and offshore call center outsourcing locations make it easy to provide customer service 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

2) The right call center agents can provide empathy and understanding to customers during difficult issues with a product or service. Self-service through technology can be helpful, but it can’t provide the warmth a human can at this point.

3) The sole purpose of a call center agent’s job role is to serve customers. This means companies can have a dedicated staff strictly to improve the customer experience, and at a lower cost if outsourcing with nearshore/offshore locations.

This portion of this blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

3 Ways Call Centers Improve Your Customer Service – Eleonora Israele

6 Key Call Center Search Criteria to Improve Customer Loyalty

These smiling call center agents can help improve customer loyalty.To some, the title of this blog seems like a contradiction. Many have complained about their negative experiences when calling companies and getting poor service from call center agents. However, a big reason for this is often that the companies have not selected the call center that best fits their culture or their service requirements. Call center outsourcing can improve customer loyalty, but companies need to ensure they’re properly vetting their potential partners before making a selection. While this process is complicated and not something easily summed up in a short blog, there are a few key search criteria that apply to most situations. The following are six key call center search criteria that can help companies improve their customer experience, which will ultimately boost customer loyalty:

1) Specialization

If your industry has very specific needs, make sure the call center has experience in your industry or a related industry. It’s also crucial to learn the focus of their services, including types of calls (inbound/outbound, location, onshore or off-shore markets served), and their language capabilities.

2) Technology

Whatever call center you choose needs to have the right technology that meets your multichannel campaign parameters to help customers on any platform at any time of the day. Some of these technologies include interactive voice response (IVR), email support, live chat capabilities, social media services, and cloud-based software solutions. Utilizing multichannel technology can help improve efficiency and provide service to more customers, and the call centers that provide cutting-edge strategies and solutions will stand out as the best options.

3) Compliance and Certifications

Depending on your industry, be sure to check the outsource call center certifications, including whether they are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), HIPAA certified or IS0900.

4) Years in Business and Company Culture

Matching cultures is essential when starting an important partnership with a call center. Check to see how long the call center has been in business and determine if it has had a financially stable history. Talk with them and interview their references to find out if their culture fits with your culture. The call center needs to be able to present themselves as an extension of your company and not an independent entity, so it’s important to ensure their agent hiring and training methods align with yours.

5) Capacity

When you are seeking an outsource call center to manage the excess call volume you cannot manage in-house, it is critical that the partner you choose has the capacity and scalability to meet your requirements regardless of call volume or seasonality.

6) Performance and Quality Metrics

Evaluate the outsource call center’s practices used to maximize performance. The call center should be able to provide detailed reporting based on KPIs that best suit your goals. Analyze their training, management, quality monitoring, incentives, and motivational practices to ensure they can perform as promised. In addition, ensure the call center agents can offer bilingual and multilingual service.


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