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6 Ways Customer Experience Professionals Can Show Business Results

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An article by Sampson Lee discusses the topic of customer experience professionals being cut from their companies. According to the article, a very high percentage of customer experience positions are terminated from companies where high investment was allotted to the project and when their expected focus is to show proof of ROI. Common reasons for why companies fire their customer experience specialists include the company losing patience and companies needing to cut costs. Sampson believes that part of the issue is that customer experience consultancies overcomplicate the process of creating a customer journey map and they lost track of the original purpose of customer experience programs. Sampson says that the main goal of creating customer journey maps and customer experience programs is to learn how customers feel when interacting with your company and use that information to make their journey better to deliver ROI to the company. Based on Sampson's article, here are six ways customer experience professionals can show business results and demonstrate their value.

1) Operationalize Customer Journey Mapping

If you want results, you have to show how your customer experience program brings return on investment (ROI). The article goes in-depth on how this can be accomplished, but basically you need to simplify the customer journey map to point out what brings you the most business.

2) Make NPS Actionable

Using a Net Promoter Score can be valuable piece of data, but only if a company can look at the score and know how they can improve it. Sampson says that using voice of the customer data in conjunction with NPS scores can help identify exactly where your company’s positive and negative scores are coming from in the customer journey. This helps in the process by pointing out what needs improvement and what doesn’t.

3) Start Small and Build Up

Instead of implementing a customer experience program that changes the entire company right away, Sampson recommends starting with small customer experience projects and building success data to gradually gain stakeholder trust for larger projects.

4) Remain Unbiased in Evaluating the Voice of the Customer

Customer experience professionals often want to prove that high quality service is the number one driver in customer loyalty and evangelism. However, sometimes there are factors that drive results other than service (e.g., prices), so it’s best to stay neutral between service/company culture and other factors when examining data to give suggestions that will show better ROI to the company.

5) Show Where to Cut Costs

Use the voice of the customer data to show other areas of the company that drive little ROI and therefore more necessary to cut. The same data that shows where to make improvements in the customer experience can also show areas where there is little contribution to business growth, so use this data to make appropriate financial recommendations.

6) Resource Allocation Strategy

This is directly related to #4, because it’s important to remain impartial in the evaluation of the customer journey in order to recommend the proper allocation of resources. Recommending a great resource allocation strategy is a great way to create business results, even if the allocation isn’t going towards the service or company culture portions of the customer experience.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Are CX Professionals Expendable? No Way! – Sampson Lee


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