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A Pragmatic Look At Quality Assurance Monitoring

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In a recent article, Jeremy Watkin tackles the topic of quality assurance. Depending on the amount of call center agents and the size of the quality assurance team, monitoring 100% of calls can be time consuming to the point where it might seem impossible. While it takes more time, resources, and money to monitor 100% of customer calls, Watkin points out the following valid reasons why companies still want the call monitoring data at 100%: 

  • It ensures consistency of quality on every customer call.
  • Churn can be a scary thing, so it’s important to monitor calls to make sure the call center agent is delivering a positive experience every time to avoid customers getting a bad impression and choosing not to come back to the company.
  • It enables companies to learn from their customers by hearing their thoughts and insights.

Obviously, monitoring every call for quality assurance can be very beneficial for companies looking to maintain and improve the customer experience. While it can be extremely difficult to accomplish this, Watkin assures us that technology can be a big help. Common technologies for assisting with quality assurance include quality assurance databases (frees people from traditional spreadsheets), speech and text analytics (workforce optimization systems), and using AI and machine learning for automatic call review and rating.

Watkin points out that though it may be possible to monitor 100% of customer calls with the help of technology, it’s important for companies to determine if they should strive for such a goal. If you only want to do it simply because it’s possible, then it might not be worth your time. Smaller companies might not have a problem hearing every call since the volume might be lower, so their focus is more on how to fix customer issues as opposed to simply listening to them. The key point to emphasize is whether or not you’re using the monitoring to learn and improve the customer experience. There are companies that feel they need to monitor 100% of their calls and have quality assurance teams coaching after every single interaction, and that’s perfectly fine but not for every company. For companies who aren’t looking to monitor 100% of their calls and would rather focus on getting the most out of their current processes, Watkin offers the following suggestions: 

  • Simple changes can be a big help, like going from traditional spreadsheets to a quality assurance database.
  • Do an evaluation of your company culture to help improve the work environment and inspire your employees to provide the best service possible to your customers.
  • Getting more feedback can happen beyond simply logging call information. Other ways of getting valuable customer insights include sending surveys, holding focus groups and interviewing call center agents to gather their insights about past experiences with customers and patterns they’ve noticed.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

Can Your Quality Assurance Team Really Monitor 100% of Calls? Should It? – Jeremy Watkin


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