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Cloud Software Solution Trends In The Contact Center Industry

Cloud call center software

The use of cloud software is rising in every industry and the contact center industry is no different, even if traditional contact centers are far from extinct. In her recent article, Donna Fluss discusses the rapid growth of cloud-based contact center software, which saw a growth of over 20 percent last year. Companies of all sizes are using cloud software strategically to their advantage because the software allows for fluid routing across multiple locations in different countries and regions.

Companies in the past held onto their vendor solutions for as long as possible, but the need for faster and more integrated customer service over the past couple of years has pushed contact centers to update their technology to match the most modern capabilities. Cloud-based vendors can provide systems that update as frequently as once per day, which means that companies can constantly improve their customer experience. With the cloud solutions industry rapidly rising, Fluss discusses in detail the following trends that have happened and will continue happening: 

  • Due a competitive market in the cloud contact center software industry, the last year saw a variety of mergers and acquisitions. Companies could expect to see a rising number of mergers and acquisitions in the coming years. 
  • In an effort to capitalize on cloud solutions, BPO carriers and service providers are trying to build their own cloud contact center products and services in order to offer it by the seat/minute. However, these contact centers don’t fully understand the business and either buy the technology alone or the technology along with the cloud vendor’s support. As a result, cloud vendors are having a high level of success selling to BPO and other service providers. 
  • Fluss points out that many companies want to buy public branch exchange (PBX) and contact center functionality from the same cloud vendor. Companies want the most advanced features and capabilities even if they have a low number of contact center seats; therefore, cloud PBS vendors are offering basic contact center capabilities and advanced contact center capabilities in addition to their existing PBX services. This versatility is a big reason BPO providers are looking to include cloud solutions in addition to their traditional contact center services.

Fluss discusses cloud solutions thoroughly in her article, but the general concept is that cloud software is on the rise in the contact center industry. While there are a variety of areas cloud providers still need to improve, they have made fantastic strides in a short amount of time and will continue to do so in the years to come due to their ability to expand companies’ capabilities at more affordable prices. There is, and will continue to be, competition in the market and some of the cloud solutions will prove to be less helpful than others, but the companies who do their research and select the best partner for their requirements will benefit greatly as a result. 

This blog post is based on an article from destinationCRM.com. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Cloud Solutions Are Rising in the Contact Center – Donna Fluss


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