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The Contact Center's Role in the Customer Journey


You’ve probably heard a lot about the “customer journey” in recent years. While the term has been repeated multiple times and you may be experiencing fatigue from seeing it so often, it’s extremely vital to understanding your customers and bettering your business. With the technology available, you can track data on customer behavior in great detail and adjust your sales and marketing tactics accordingly in an effort to meet all of your quarterly goals. However, the article “The Never-Ending Customer Journey” by Daniel Gutierrez says that even though we have such advanced tracking technology, there are still holes in the overall way companies handle the customer journey because they aren’t taking into account the contact center data available to them. The article states that companies can make their customers’ journey complete by utilizing the data from contact centers after they’ve handled customer interactions post-purchase. There is more to a customer journey than the steps leading up to the final purchase, and the sooner executives realize this, the better they can understand the customer and create better strategies for customer experience.

There is a true value of the contact center that hasn’t been fully leveraged by the companies who use them. Generally, companies look at the call center as a standalone operation with the only objective being to take customer complaints and churn through as many calls as possible. But the Gutierrez article argues that contact centers are the only place where companies can truly gain an understanding of their customers’ wants and needs, because they can actually listen to the customers and learn from them. If companies want to learn about their customers and create better customer experience strategies, they must take the data from contact centers seriously and view the information trends and sentiments as a viable source of information.

If you track contact center data post the final sale, you can gain insight into what customers truly think of your product or service and learn whether or not they’re truly happy with how your company does business. Important data to track include:

  • Satisfaction level (and other sentiment indicators)
  • Product issues
  • Implementation gaps
  • Training gaps
  • Resolution times and escalations
  • The customer insight into how effective your marketing was in their purchase
  • Whether or not customers have had repeated issues with your products or company as a whole

call-center-men-_Large.jpgThe key to starting this initiative of bringing contact center into the equation and completing the customer journey is to remember that there’s more to it than just listening to recorded contact center interactions. You can take the information and measure it to develop a starting point for understanding what exactly customers need. Eventually, after digging through the data and testing for trends, you can be proactive in how you interact with your customers. The article gives the example of sending replacement products to customers who bought from a defective lot before they even call your contact center. If you create a watch-list of customers who best represent your consumer base as a whole, you can study them and get a great idea for patterns, and you can work with that watch-list until you figure out how to scale it to your entire customer base. 

To sum it up, the contact center is valuable for more than just your customers. It’s also valuable to multiple departments in your company, because the data and insights you receive from your customers will ultimately lead to a complete and satisfying customer experience.

This was based on an article that originally appeared on insideBIGDATA. To read the original article, please click here.



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