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Did Your Retail Call Center Live Up to Your Expectations This Holiday Season?

In a recent article, Jagannathan Muralidharan discusses customer loyalty and how brands must connect with their customers on an emotional level in order to turn loyal customers into evangelists. Muralidharan provides and elaborates on the following four steps to inject emotion into the customer experience to differentiate your retail company from competitors:

  • Retail call centerImprove the quality of your contact center(s) with the right training, technology, and strategy.
  • Improve customer engagement and request customer feedback instantly.
  • Create or improve upon your existing customer loyalty programs.
  • Introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the customer journey more efficient.

This portion of this blog post was based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

4 Tips for Retail brands to bring EMOTION into customer journeys – Jagannathan Muralidharan

Did your retail call center live up to your expectations this holiday season? 

From the time Thanksgiving ends until New Year’s Day, retail companies are at their peak for customer traffic, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. With the drastic increase in purchases comes the need for increased customer service agents, especially in call centers. The people working as in your call center answering your inbound calls need to reflect the image and culture of your retail company. They need to be consistent on calls and provide a high-quality customer experience when people have questions regarding products and services, especially during the holidays when time is more valuable than ever. Agents may need to be quick and efficient with their support, but they also need to be patient and show empathy during a hectic time for both customer and company. 

An example scenario of an inbound call during the holiday season would be a customer ordering a product online, but it’s been weeks and they still haven’t received it. Christmas is getting close and there are many things that need to be done before the day arrives, so this customer calls the company in a stressed out state hoping to get answers. The last thing that person needs is a call center agent giving robotic responses based only on a strict script with little or no empathy or concern in their voice.

Call centers that focus on the retail industry need to hire agents that are naturally geared toward relating to people and making emotional connections and train them vigorously on the right strategies while empowering the agents with the freedom to go off-script when necessary. At the same time, these call centers also need to train their agents to recognize the right calls where there is an opportunity to up-sell whenever possible in an effort to increase revenue. Empathy, and emotion in general, can be great traits that can help agents exceed in generating sales. The more a customer feels an emotional connection with a call center agent, the more likely they’ll be to maintain an open mind towards hearing product and service offers.

If your call center outsourcing partner wasn’t able to provide high-quality customer experiences while increasing revenue through sales this past holiday season, we can help you find a new call center that meets and exceeds your expectations! Outsource Consultants has vast experience working with traditional and online retail call centers that support both sales, customer service needs, and multichannel support such as live chat support or outsourced email support of our client’s customers. You can rely on us to find you the best partner that offers some or all of these following services: 

  • Retail call center agentsOutstanding results from performance-based program management
  • Flexibility to meet unique call volume fluctuations though innovative staffing strategies
  • Superior agent product knowledge
  • Web-based CRM platform with catalog/online retail-specific functionality
  • Significantly reduce cost, grow average order value, and overall revenue
  • Flexible and open to customization
  • Ability to access client CRM/OMS system or use the call centers web based CRM/OMS which allows for a unified, intuitive interface resulting in reduced training time and more efficient call handling
  • 24 x 7 oversight of service level performance across call centers including real-time decisions to adjust skill sets or additional resources if needed
  • Vast reporting capabilities specifically designed for catalog and online retail
  • Grow top-line revenue through a rigorous focus on relationship selling, up-selling, and cross-selling
  • Lower costs through call avoidance in call center strategies (IVR, self-service, email support, live chat), as well as focus on lowering average handling time through extensive training and quality monitoring strategies 

Whether you need 24 x 7, seasonal, full-time, or part-time inbound agents, we can help you find and recommend the best retail call centers that fit your requirements and objectives.


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