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3 Values Every Call Center Needs To Be Successful

In a recent article, Benjamin Payne discusses the following five things contact centers need to stop doing if they want to give a high-quality customer experience:

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Spooky Bingo - Halloween 2017

To have some fun for Halloween this year, the crew at Outsource Consultants held a lunch and "spooky" bingo tournament at headquarters in Minnesota!

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5 Spooky Customer Experience Mistakes

In a recent article, Yoel Knoll discusses how contact center’s need to build their customer loyalty in order to be profitable. Knolls talks about the evolution of profitability of contact centers, which was originally accomplished by utilizing offshore locations to dramatically reduce costs. However, while outsourcing to offshore locations cut costs, it can sacrifice customer service due to language and cultural barriers in addition to problems with proper experience to handle unique issues. Now the emphasis is on providing a high quality customer experience in order to gain loyalty for companies to become profitable. A high quality customer experience means providing service immediately (or as fast as possible) that is relevant and tailored to the individual customers. So, with that in mind, how can companies accomplish this level of customer experience? 

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The Role of Bot Technology In The Call Center

In a recent article, Thomas Wieberneit discusses the numerous ways bot technology is being used to serve a variety of departments and industries. Although bots have started shaping the way companies operate and have many positive benefits, Wieberneit points out that they are not without their shortcomings. From a technical standpoint, bots are not always integrated properly with systems and they are not able to properly cover the scope required by on the company (learn more here). From a human standpoint, the bots cannot always meet customer expectations and are often not fluid enough to properly relate to humans on a personal level (learn more). Companies are often biting off more than they can chew by trying to implement bots without having the proper infrastructure and technology to support them, which leads to bigger issues long-term.

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6 Good Practices To Motivate Call Center Agents

In a recent article, Hagai Shaham discusses a topic that has been a very big issue for many call centers throughout the world: agent attrition rate. The daily grind mixed with consistently dealing with angry/frustrated customers leads to agents being easily worn down, and Shaham points out that the key to reducing attrition is to keep agents motivated and give them reasons to stick with the job. Having motivated agents who feel like they have a real purpose at the company leads to better performance, performance scores, and KPIs.

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5 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Can Help Growing Companies

In a recent article, Sawaram Suthar discusses how companies can scale their customer service as they grow. The article offers the following four tips for scaling your customer service to meet the needs of your expanding business:

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Does Elon Musk Need A Call Center In Space?

According to a recent article from TIME, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, hopes to send humans to Mars by 2024. Mr. Musk is ambitious and we wish him the best of luck on this endeavor. But that’s not all we have to say on the matter…

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3 Reasons Contact Centers Should Use Texting In Their Customer Experience

Multichannel contact center support often includes traditional inbound and outbound calling, email, live chat support, social media, online communities, and…texting? Yes, in order to deliver a high-quality customer experience, companies must also use text messaging. In a recent article, Ford Blakely emphasizes the significance of texting for customer service, sales, and marketing and provides the following three reasons why texting is popular in the modern customer experience:

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4 Reasons Companies Should Create Their Own Online Communities

In a recent article, Nancy Porte discusses how companies can use online communities to improve their customer experience programs. Online communities can include a variety of outlets such as social media channels, chat rooms, forums, discussion boards, and more. While the idea is great and can be beneficial to both the company and the customers, Porte advises that it can be extremely challenging when it comes to creating the strategy behind the online community. Porte offers the following best practices to having a successful online community:

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Concerned About Your Call Center Outsourcing Partnership? You Need A Checkup!

Do you know the health of your customers? Not their physical health, but the health of the relationship between your customers and your company. In a recent article, Bob Hayes, PhD discusses the importance of measuring various metrics or analytics to determine customer health scores. Knowing customer health scores can assist companies by offering descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Hayes goes on to give detailed information on the following three steps to creating customer health scores:

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