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5 Cloud Call Center Software Pricing Models to Consider

In a recent article, Nancy Seby discusses how contact centers use cloud software to reduce costs and also as a backup for disaster recovery. Seby discusses the following times when using cloud software can help contact centers with data recovery:

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4 Reasons Sales Agents Need to Have Customer-Centric Mindsets

In a recent article, Lance Zingale discusses how lasting success for companies requires emphasis on customer lifetime value. In order to boost customer lifetime value, Zingale says that companies need to do the following:

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The Benefits of Call Centers with Remote Agents

In a recent article, David Greenberg discusses how call centers are constantly trying to stay up-to-date with their technology and their service in order to satisfy modern customers. He goes into detail on the following five trends that will help call centers evolve and provide service that customers are looking for:

1) Build meaningful collaboration into the way agents work and solve problems.

2) Mine a workforce with a propensity for high job satisfaction.

3) Get the advantages of highly skilled workers who also understand the culture of their audience.

4) Embrace a customer centric-culture.

5) Prepare to manage cost in context with call flow and flexibility. 

To read the explanations behind these five trends, please click here.

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Why Has Customer-Centric Thinking Become a Challenge For Companies?

In a recent article, Lynn Hunsaker discusses that the best companies for providing customer experience seem to have customer-centricity in their DNA from the time they start. If companies want to have customer centricity in their DNA, they need to put the customer as the deciding factor in every decision and strategy made at the company. Basically, before implementing any decision, people should think, “How will this affect the customer? Will it make their experience better?” If the decision will not make the customer experience better, then it’s not a customer-centric decision. Hunsaker goes into detail on the following four prerequisites for having customer-centric DNA in a company:

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10 Services Outbound and Telemarketing Call Centers Can Provide Companies

In a recent article, Fred Chua discusses how outbound call center services, such as upselling and cross-selling, can be highly effective in generating revenue for companies. Chua goes into detail on the following cross-selling and upselling strategies that companies can use for success:

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Escape Room Team Building 2017

The crew of the Minneapolis headquarters of Outsource Consultants recently challenged themselves with some fun team building at Zero Hour Escape Rooms

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4 Ways Call Centers Can Make Customers Happy

In a recent article, Dick Bourke discusses how contact centers can be a strategic part of the customer journey by providing omnichannel customer engagement, which leads to brand loyalty. Bourke provides the following ways contact centers can ensure they help in the customer experience:

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4 Reasons Live Chat Support Contact Centers Make Companies Happy

In a recent article, Tom Tseki discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilized to improve customer service in the form of chatbots. The article states that within the next year, over 50% of companies will utilize AI technology to improve their customer service productivity. Thought chatbots can be highly effective in improving contact center operations, Tseki points out that a lot can go wrong if they don’t properly prepare prior to launching chatbot technology. The article elaborates on the following three best practices contact centers should use before implementing chatbots:

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3 Advantages Of Outsourcing With US Call Centers

Outsourcing is only available for people if they’re willing to use call centers in other countries, right? Wrong! While many companies outsource their call center services to nearshore and offshore markets, outsourcing to call centers within the United States offers its own unique benefits. For companies looking to expand their outreach capabilities, outsourcing to call centers in the United States can give you the ability to enhance your scalability while retaining the ability to provide high-quality customer service. If you are interested in outsourcing with a United States call center, there are a multitude of benefits of using domestic companies versus sending the services overseas. The following are three of the many advantages of outsourcing with US call centers.

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5 Ways Outsource Call Centers Help Energy Companies

When we say, “energy companies,” we mean the collective of industries involved in the production and sale of petroleum, gas, electrical power, coal, nuclear power and renewable energy (solar, hydro, geothermal, wind, etc.). If your company falls into any of those categories, an outsource call center can be a great addition to your team. Here are five ways that outsource call centers can help your energy company’s operations.

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