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Looking to Reduce Call Center Agent Stress? Be in Their Corner!

In a recent article, Steve Kraus addresses a common, but major, problem in the call center industry: agent attrition. Customers are often frustrated and angry by the time they reach a call center agent, which means the agents should be upbeat with a fresh mind to engage the customer and make them happy. The issue with this scenario is that agents get burned out from the grind of a stressful call center environment, which means that some calls are going to go badly.

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3 Ways to Gain Feedback to Improve the Customer Experience

In a recent article, Nancy Selby informs us that customer experience is so important for companies that it will become the number one differentiator for customers within the next five years. People want a great experience, and a major part of that experience is based on contact center performance. Selby provides sixteen tips for how contact centers can improve their customer experience:

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The Significance of Consistency in Omni-Channel Contact Centers

In a recent article, Murph Krajewski points out that omni-channel customer service can greatly improve the customer experience/journey. However, there are some contact centers that don’t provide omni-channel services to a high-quality level and may actually be hurting the customer experience. He goes on to discuss the following four mistakes contact centers make when providing an omni-channel experience:

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4 Ways Companies Benefit from Using IVR Services

In a recentarticle, Shelby Faris takes in in-depth look at Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. She acknowledges that though IVR is a vital component of many companies’ customer service, it’s not without its faults. IVR makes call routing to appropriate departments easier, but this can be at the detriment to the customer experience if the IVR is poor quality or not set up properly. Some examples Faris gives include:

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Did Your Retail Call Center Live Up to Your Expectations This Holiday Season?

In a recent article, Jagannathan Muralidharan discusses customer loyalty and how brands must connect with their customers on an emotional level in order to turn loyal customers into evangelists. Muralidharan provides and elaborates on the following four steps to inject emotion into the customer experience to differentiate your retail company from competitors:

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Finding the Right-Size Outsource Call Center Partner

There are many factors that go into selecting an outsource call center partner, including location, quality, scalability, price, culture, and many other criteria. However, one thing that many underestimate is the importance of the call center being the right-size fit for the company. For example, an outsource call center may be very large with a successful track record of working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, but this could mean that a small or mid-sized company wouldn’t have as much priority in a partnership (i.e., a small fish in a big pond). We have seen many large Fortune 500 companies choose the world’s largest BPO providers as “safe” selections when their outsource call volume and requirements didn’t align with each other, which has led to disastrous relationships.

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Volunteering: Toys For Tots and Armful of Love

With a goal of making a positive impact on the lives of families in our community, the crew at Outsource Consultants recently volunteered with Armful of Love and Toys For Tots.

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(Infographic) 101 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Live Chat

The following blog post features an infographic created by Website Builder. This content originally appeared on their website and is re-published with their permission.

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5 Cloud Call Center Software Pricing Models to Consider

In a recent article, Nancy Seby discusses how contact centers use cloud software to reduce costs and also as a backup for disaster recovery. Seby discusses the following times when using cloud software can help contact centers with data recovery:

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4 Reasons Sales Agents Need to Have Customer-Centric Mindsets

In a recent article, Lance Zingale discusses how lasting success for companies requires emphasis on customer lifetime value. In order to boost customer lifetime value, Zingale says that companies need to do the following:

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