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Increase Upselling in the Contact Center Using Incentive Programs

MultichannelMerchant recently posted an article describing upselling and using incentive programs for employees to be successful. A summary of this article is below:

Give Agents Incentive for Upselling

The contact center staff needs to be trained and coached on how to collect and use valuable data from customers to encourage the purchases of additional products and services.

“[Representatives] should be trained that upselling is not selling at all. Upselling is a service that gives the customer the opportunity to buy more of what they already called in to get,” says Tim Holody, chief operating officer/general manager of Seta Corp (Palm Beach Jewelry).

In order for upselling to be effective in the call center, Holody says your people must be armed with the right information, tools, and motivation in order to present products and services to the right customers. A properly designed incentive program, a program designed to encourage specific actions or behavior, rewards your employees because they have made important and significant contributions to the company’s revenues and profits.

Is your incentive program doing this? If not, Holody says it’s time to change things up, incentive programs can significantly improve contact center KPI’s but must address specific needs or you’re wasting time, energy, and money.

“The key to upsell success in any contact center is the overall attitude of the company relating to how the contact center operates,” Holody says. “Focusing only on the traditional cost measurements will backfire, your contact center is a sales center, not a cost center.”

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