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3 Reasons There Are No Shortcuts in the Customer Experience

Do you do your CX program just to have one, or did you create one with care and the goal of having a great customer experience with real value. Sandra Fornasier discusses her experience being a judge on a panel that recognizes the best efforts from companies improving their customer experiences. The experience helped her learn four key things that make a great customer experience program: 

  • Invest as much time as necessary without taking shortcuts. It could take up to a year to properly implement a program depending on the company.
  • Think outside the box; don’t fall into the trap of “best practices”.
  • Ensure personalization is the top focus; “who” and “why”, not “how”.
  • Put emphasis on improving the digital experience.

3 Reasons There Are No Shortcuts in the Customer Experience

Fornasier’s article points out that there are numerous keys to a quality customer experience program. Some of these important keys include creative thinking, personalization, and emphasis on the digital experience. However, the key with potential to be the most important is investing time without taking shortcuts. The following are three reasons you can’t hurry the process of creating a customer experience program:

  1. Added pressure. People don’t always do their best thinking when they’re under a strict time constraint. You may get results faster, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be good. Give your team room to breathe and they’ll be freer to focus more on ideas and less on the calendar.
  2. Reduced testing. Cutting time off of a project may result in less testing, or possibly no testing. Launching a program without proper testing will result in a lot of headaches during implementation and could yield negative customer experiences. Allow your team the proper amount of time to test the new program or you’ll run the risk of undermining the project.
  3. Your customers deserve better. As Fornasier mentioned in her article, people are the focal point of the customer experience. Customers demand personalized and fluid customer experiences, which requires time to give proper attention. Customer experience is a marathon, not a sprint. If you value your customers as individual people and not a means to an end, you’ll want to give as much time as possible to the development of your customer experience program. 

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

5 lessons I learned as a CX Award judge that would have made my mother smile – Sandra Fornasier


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