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Teamwork In The Call Center Has A Big Impact On Customer Experience

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Championship teams have something in common across all sports: they work together as a machine. In her recent article, Lynn Hunsaker says that companies need to pull together and collaborate like sports teams across all departments in order to increase customer loyalty, revenue, and other valuable components of success. One specific area where collaboration across all levels of the company is important is the customer experience. Without collaboration, the customer experience will fail. Hunsaker says that organizations need to use 360-degree collaboration, which means everyone knowing and understanding what the customers expect from the brand and working with colleagues in similar roles and completely different roles to accomplish a quality customer journey. In order for this level of collaboration to come to fruition, Hunsaker says that companies need the following prerequisites in place:

1) Attitude reflects leadership. If company leaders want to foster a collaborative environment where everyone puts the customer first, then they need to lead by example and put the customer first in every decision and action.

2) It should be clear to every employee exactly what their role is in improving the customer journey.

3) The parameters for what warrants positive feedback or recognition should be out in the open so people know what to strive for and what’s worthy of praise.

4) The ability to make adjustments utilizing everybody involved at the company. Being able to land on your feet during change as a team is critical.

Teamwork In The Call Center Has A Big Impact On Customer Experience

You’re a call center agent. You show up to work, put on your headset, and start taking inbound customer service calls. Some of them are good, but a lot of them are filled with anger and venting. While this is just a part of the game, so to speak, it still ends up wearing people down over time. However, if call center agents know that their peers and their leaders are on their side and have their support, it can go a long way to lighten the load. If you want your customers to feel comfortable calling your company, then your call center needs to be a more comfortable place for employees to do their job. This is why teamwork is essential in a call center environment.

Call center leaders need to instill confidence in agents that they’re more than just paid employees; they’re an important piece of the call center’s success. If a call center’s culture and leadership promotes open dialogue and camaraderie among agents and managers, the call center agents will feel more welcomed and appreciated. When people feel like their company truly cares for them, they’ll be more likely to want to reciprocate and show caring empathy towards the customers who call them. Happy agents equal happy customers. Teamwork in the call center can help improve the agent experience, which will improve the customer experience and ultimately lead to stronger customer loyalty and increase in revenue and ROI.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Customer Experience Collaboration Wins Championships – Lynn Hunsaker



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