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3 Benefits to Outsourcing, if Done Correctly - Elliot Markowitz

“Outsourcing eliminates jobs! Outsourcing leads to poor customer service!”

You’ve probably heard those opinions before, perhaps you have those opinions yourself. While it’s true that there have been misuses of outsourcing that have led to job cuts and poor customer service, outsourcing can greatly benefit a company if done correctly. Cost-saving is only one benefit of outsourcing, but it should not be the single reason your company uses it. There are three other benefits of outsourcing, such as the creation of more capacity, the allowance of focus on core capabilities and the generation of savings to re-invest in the company. The article “3 Benefits to Outsourcing, if Done Correctly” by Elliot Markowitz, contributing editor for The VAR Guy, discusses these benefits in more detail. To read the full article, click the link below:

3 Benefits to Outsourcing, if Done Correctly - Elliot Markowitz (The VAR Guy)


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5 Customer Service Metrics Every Business Should Be Tracking - Sreeram Sreenivasan

Knowing what your customers think is important for businesses, but not everybody is comfortable with asking their customers to provide feedback. While surveying customers is still a good approach to take, there are metrics that your company can track that will provide valuable information pertaining to customer satisfaction. 5 great metrics include: incident volume, first response time, resolution time, abandonment rates, and first contact resolution. The article “5 Customer Service Metrics Every Business Should Be Tracking” by Sreeram Sreenivasan (ChamberOfCommerce.com) discusses the benefits of tracking these metrics in more detail. To read this article, click the link below:

5 Customer Service Metrics Every Business Should Be Tracking


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Before & Now: 5 Ways to Improve Success Measurement in the Call Center

Kunnect recently posted an article about the fast-changing benchmarks in the call center industry as well as in customer service. In the summary below, you’ll read about how to keep your call center and customer service tactics current to ensure continued employee and customer satisfaction.

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