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Prepare Your Call Center for Multichannel Customer Service

Before diving into multichannel strategies, get your house in order – according the article written by Lauren Horwitz from SearchCRM. A summary of that article is below:

Companies that don't develop processes and internal structures for handling their multichannel strategy can fall short on serving customers through multiple communication channels. Businesses are rushing headlong into multichannel customer service because their customers are rushing there even faster, experts say. 

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Mastering Multichannel

It's undeniable; retail customer service is facing an era of dramatic change. According to analysis from global consultancy, Deloitte, consumers increasingly digital lifestyles are altering traditional customer service models more than ever. Tech Radar recently posted an article about handling customer service in multi channel businesses. A summary of that article is below:

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Multichannel Vs. Omni-channel

Freedom of choice is important. Applied to customer service, this means allowing your customers to talk to you when and how they want, on the channel of their choice. You might think that "multichannel" customer service achieves just that. ICMI recently wrote an article describing what omni-channel has that multichannel does not. A summary of that article is below:

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Monitoring Multichannel

Why do you monitor your heart rate or other areas for health? Monitoring calls in a contact center occurs for similar reasons. ICMI wrote an article on how to go about monitoring multichannel in the call center. A summary of that article is below:

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Customers Are Defining Your Brand

In the age of the customer, the consumer is in control. DestinationCRM recently posted an article about customer service defining the brand. A summary of that article below.

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Add Non-Voice Channels to Your Contact Center Mix

With the invention of the internet and smartphones, getting solutions to issues or answers to questions regarding your business, customers can now choose how they want to interact with you. Taking this into consideration, ICMI wrote an article about adding non-voice channels to your typical inbound/outbound calls. A summary of that article is below:

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